EFT Certification

Wellness Online Training was formed to provide high-quality, validated, and thorough training of alternative and complementary healthcare methods (often refered to as CAM) without the additional costs and inconvenience of travel/lodging/time off work. Tracks are designed for self-help as well as those working or would like to work in the medical, health, energy medicine or other helping professions.

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Our courses

    Real results from EFT tapping, one of Wellness Training Online's self-help, CE and certification courses
  • are offered in varying levels depending on experience and desired goal
  • offer the option of completing rigorous certification and mentoring requirements over the internet
  • are developed in partnership with, certified and experienced trainers, the creators of the modalities, education specialists, experts in their field, input from students and more
  • are existing live-taught courses which are then edited and formatted into appropriate online training courses
  • are offered in tracks with reviews for self-help, quizzes for continuing education credits, and testing and mentoring for certification
  • are approved by ACHP (Alternative and Complementary Healthcare Professionals)
  • are submitted and approved by various organizations for Continuing Education Credits
  • are created from the bottom up - with courses that require experience and prior training and others for those completely new to the particular method
  • teach safety and ethics in practice
  • are geared towards a supportive learning experience
  • include live help as needed with mentors available
  • are offered with options for marketing your practice
  • are continuously including additional methods as requested

With Wellness Online Training you can

EFT Certification

Learn proven wellness techniques like EFT Tapping from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use, online learning environment.

Add more tools to your toolkit to enhance your existing practice and skill set.

Turn your passion into a profession, building your career in helping others - whether you're just starting out or need advanced training and skills - a thriving, in-demand profession has never been more accessible or easier to achieve.

Take control of your health by learning proven self-help techniques, saving potentially thousands on your own healthcare costs. Join those who have already experienced life-changing results.

Make more money and help more people with certifications and advanced techniques backed by Alternative & Complementary Healthcare Professionals (ACHP). People want and respect certified professionals when it comes to their wellbeing - get more clients and charge more for your services!

Work with the best trainers on your own schedule. Approved trainers are highly sought after international speakers and trainers who have literally developed the training standards for professional organizations. You get the best of the best!

Save time and money by getting certification or Continuing Education Credits (CE's) anywhere you have a computer or mobile device and internet access. Why pay for travel, accommodations, meals, and adding to your already-busy schedule when it's no longer necessary?

Experience complete control over your professional development by choosing only the courses that are right for you, and completing them at your own pace, in any environment where you learn best.

All the benefits of a live course in one, easy-to-access place, including live-recorded demonstrations, support, practice of techniques, and engaging learning for all styles.

Easy, effective, and safe wellness techniques with countless benefits for your, your loved ones, or your clients - learn anywhere, anytime!